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Interpersonal Effectiveness - 2 day [helping children to succeed]

Helping children to succeed cannot be left to pure chance. Like every other aspect of performance in life, it requires a model set of skills which can be applied in a variety of circumstances.

This is for professionals working with children and young people: teachers, social workers, support staff, foster carers, health professionals, and voluntary sector staff – all who want to enrich their current skill set. Find out more about the science behind communication, learn how to nurture learning styles, build relationships, improve communication and create a motivating environment. Become more aware the power of the language you use and how it is influencing behaviours and attitudes.

Kids NLP Scotland wants to share its skills so the people you work with can benefit.

The course will include:

  • Learning how good Rapport Reduces Resistance – the other 3 R’s you need to know.
  • Creative use of feedback.
  • Reframing [gain perspective].
  • Goal setting and motivation.
  • Nurturing learning styles.
  • Satir categories.
  • Modelling.
  • Anchoring and changing state.
  • The power of language.
  • Trainer: Karen Beveridge
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • Location: Central Edinburgh.
    • In-house training options can be discussed with organisations
  • Timings: 10am – 4pm (on both days)
  • Pricing: £265.
    • In-house pricing to be arranged with the organisation.

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