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Masterful Parenting

An innovative and exciting course for parents. Imagine if when your child was born or became a teenager, it was accompanied with a manual to help get the best from them, and yourself?

Have you faced one of these challenges?

  • Your child doesn’t do as you ask – whether they’re a toddler who won’t go to bed, or a teenager who won’t tidy up behind them or do their homework!
  • Your child is upset – maybe they’ve been bullied, disappointed or let down by peers in some way – and you don’t know how to help!
  • Your child has difficulty with learning, learns differently or just isn’t doing as well as you hoped in school.
  • You love your child but some day they test you to the limit and it’s hard to love them!
  • You want the very best for your child but are not sure how to nurture their dreams and aspirations.

Sound familiar? Then Kids NLP Scotland has the answers for you with ‘Masterful Parenting’.

No one teaches you to support, nurture, handle or manage your child through their learning experiences and emotional highs and lows. In truth no matter how enormous your feeling of love for them, sometimes that isn’t enough on its own to help them develop and get through life.

Learning how to learn is vital to success. Kids NLP supports parents in their goal to help their children be all they can be: Improving communication, learning ways to identify individual learning styles and providing support in a real and relevant way to minimise frustrations, and develop your knowledge in managing behaviour and anxieties. Overall to be able to optimise the time you spend supporting them with focused and meaningful way and enjoying family life. 

This one day seminar is designed to provide you with strategies and skills to support your parenting and help your child. Whether you are completely new to NLP or are more experienced, this programme offers you the opportunity to learn how to use NLP to enhance your communication, nurture their learning style and develop your skill set.

During the day you will develop techniques to: 

  • Learn how to enhance your communication skills to help create a more harmonious family life.
  • Master the tools of NLP to positively affect your family.
  • Learn tried and tested strategies to gain agreement with your children.
  • Gain insight into the inner world of the child at different ages.
  • Discover how the latest research in neuroscience shows us the way to support our children.
  • Nurture your child’s learning style.
  • Boost motivation and confidence in your child and yourself

Imagine how it will be when:

  • Your children go to bed without a fuss.
  • You find it easier to help your child learn something new.
  • The arguments reduce and peace reigns in your household.
  • You know how to handle those teenage years.
  • You are confident in being the best parent you can be.
  • From the birth of their children to their teenage years and beyond – NLP is hugely beneficial.

This programme is led by Karen Beveridge. Karen has 25 years experience as a teacher and trains teachers and professionals working with children in various settings to improve happiness and learning in schools and colleges using a unique blend of NLP and accelerated learning techniques. She is very aware of the importance of emotional well being to learning, one of the main reasons for establishing Kids NLP Scotland.

More importantly she has many years experience in raising happy and healthy children as a mother and mentor to hundreds of young people, continuing to do this in her role as an Associate Tutor with the University of Edinburgh, and her involvement in recent years with the Balcraig foundation and its work with orphans in Kenya and most recently with the Princes Trust.

Karen is passionate about NLP, children and learning. Parents have said you must have been in my house because you know my children so well! Sometimes the solution is as simple as a slight change in approach. More of the same can get us stuck.

  • Trainer: Karen Beveridge
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Location: central Edinburgh or by arrangement with schools
  • Time: 10:30am – 4:00pm
  • Price: £95 for 1 parent, £125 for 2.

Parents and Carers 1-1 arrangements for parents are available by arrangement.

More information: places limited to ensure quality for participants.

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