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Mind Matters

Group sessions for workplaces focusing on emotional health and well being by arrangement.

All that work in preparing for an interview, an exam or a driving test and the nerves and self doubt begin to arise. You have that presentation to give which already is making your palms feel sweaty. Perhaps you want to travel but are limited by your fear of flying.

It is said that stress can make us stupid?

Have you been in a hurry, searched for your keys in the place they always are and they are not there!! Suddenly you start darting back and forwards to other possible places and then back to where they should be!! Guess what, they are where you thought they were, in that bag or jacket pocket. You couldn’t see for looking!

On this one day seminar you will:

  • Discover new skills and learn how to create a CALMMIND, relaxed and mentally alert.
  • Learn a mixture of practical steps to focus your thinking and attain your goals.
  • Be able to remain calm and confident when faced with pressures.
  • Learn how to overcome barriers you have unconsciously created.
  • Be able to identify triggers to negative thinking and develop a mind set of being more calm, relaxed and in control.
  • Emotional well being is crucial to your performance, to enable you to maximise the results and optimise your opportunities. You will learn more about how psychology affects physiology. Learn to use your brain more skilfully.

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