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Nurturing emotional well being for Children & Young People [helping children to succeed]

With proven experience working successfully with children and families, Kids NLP Scotland has developed a completely new course. This focuses on how to nurture emotional well-being. The strategies and techniques were developed through Kids NLP children’s workshops. Therefore this course aims to teach participants the strategies and techniques so as many children as possible can benefit.

The curriculum for excellence emphasises the importance of emotional well-being. Confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and responsible citizens are phrases we see in schools and our training is about supporting children to become all of these through learning how to be more resilient.

We know children and student learning is optimal when they are emotionally secure. Conversely, negative emotions, caused by factors such as bullying, changes in family circumstances or a variety of unwanted emotions which are triggered for no apparent reasons can inhibit learning, making it sub optimal. Understanding why, and more importantly being able to deal with and positively change negative emotions is crucial for individuals working with children and young people.

This course has been devised in response to those who want to tailor their skills to work with children and young people. Coaches, counsellors, voluntary workers, NLP practitioners, therapists or those who completed the Helping Children to Succeed training can expand their skills and help children in their area of expertise.

Kids NLP Scotland has a great deal of experience working with children from pre-school through to adolescence.

The content includes ways for children and young people to use their brains more skilfully to:

  • Enhance social skills.
  • Learn how to listen.
  • Boost self confidence.
  • Nurture resilience.
  • Cope with change.
  • Work with self talk.
  • Gain perspective.
  • Manage emotions and worries.
  • Be motivated. 
  • Trainer: Karen Beveridge
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Location: Central Edinburgh
  • Time: 10am-4pm
  • Price: £150

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