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Empowering young people to manage their own well being is critical. As they transform through their teenage years to adulthood being able to understand their stressors and develop their resilience makes life easier. It is important they develop their own sense of self so they can confidently meet challenges and feel good about themselves. It is not about doing things to please others it is about doing it for them-selves.

Coaching helps them find their own answers. Find solutions by listening and exploring their options and emotions can help them feel more empowered, hopeful and encourage them to discuss fears or worries without fear of judgement.

The presenting behaviour may be laziness, sullenness or underperformance which causes tension in the household. Often behind the behaviour there are real emotions: fear of failure, of looking foolish in front of their peers, being left out, being the only one in the world who has that worry. They all have an impact on their self esteem. Parents see it from their perspective, coloured by their own experiences, so try to fix the issue believing they have the relevant advice. Conflict arises and the parent is frustrated by their teenager’s stubbornness when they are trying so hard to help them. Nobody listens to me may be the teenagers response.

The sessions focus on empowering teenagers to build their emotional strength and resilience. Giving them strategies for managing their own well being. They have learned the 3R’s academically now it’s time to learn about them-selves. Developing a growth mindset helps them to become more adaptive, reflective and learn from mistakes. This is much healthier than a performance mind set which leaves them feeling bad about failure and channels their energy into self doubt and anxiety.

Learning to take charge of negative moods gives them freedom from anxiety and fears. The strategies are practical, simple and work where it counts most, in LIFE!

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